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Case Study: Igniting Success for SAP Alumni Network with PeoplePath

We are proud to partner with SAP to help them achieve their goals for their corporate alumni program. This case study covers what led SAP to review what was important to the organization and find a vendor that catered to their needs by offering flexibility and technical expertise to reach their full potential.

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How to Offboard Exiting Employees and Onboard New Alumni

Improving the offboarding process for exiting employees that seamlessly moves them into being an alumni will show them appreciation, and encourage them to participate in the community going forward. Below we showcase what’s involved in optimizing the offboarding to onboarding process.

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How to Create a Corporate Alumni Newsletter

Using an email newsletter is one important piece of a strong overall content strategy, and can oftentimes be the most viewed piece of content overall. It’s an excellent reminder to pop back into the network and check out what’s new. This list of best practices will help create a powerful corporate alumni program newsletter.

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How to Choose an Alumni Management Software Vendor

The criteria for selecting an alumni software provider goes beyond its technical capabilities. A great vendor is also a partnership, and with all partnerships, you want to assess the fit from different angles and ensure there’s a mutual investment in the long-term success of your program.

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