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Fortune 500 organizations trust PeoplePath to power their alumni networks

Foster a network of healthcare professionals to maintain strong talent pools, enhance employer branding, and share industry insights.

Key Benefits of Corporate Alumni Programs

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Rehires And Referrals

  • Reduces recruitment costs by up to 50% per hire while streamlining onboarding.
  • Access to specialized talent pools to fill critical skill gaps and labor shortages.
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Brand Advocacy

  • Fosters collaboration within the ecosystem and builds credibility through positive testimonials.
  • Fosters collaboration within the ecosystem and builds credibility through positive testimonials.
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Builds Knowledge Networks

  • Introduces new technologies, processes, and tools to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Up to 80% of ex-employees remain in a company's ecosystem, sharing insights into best practices.

Global organizations trust the PeoplePath platform

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PeoplePath Features Elevate Your Alumni Network


Harness the power of workflows to streamline management tasks and automate engagement.


Track program goals, monitor community health, and derive actionable insights to fuel success.


Leverage drill-down search capabilities to segment and better engage with your alumni.


Enable meaningful connections among members via searchable filter criteria and the option of communication through either email or chat messenger.


Streamline event management with automated communication and personalized suggestions.


Personalize suggestions with smart-matching technology, enable effortless referrals, and promote critical roles through targeted campaigns and newsletters.


Enhance the user experience with a fully-branded app with push notifications.


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Alumni Leader Spotlight

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Norton Healthcare

Emily Abner, Program Coordinator

Emily has been a driving force behing various initiatives on the employee experience team, including the successful launch of the Norton Healthcare Alumni Network in 2021.
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