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Mission & Vision

We set out to capture and cultivate the opportunity for long-term connections between organizations and people because we believe that lifelong relationships are the foundation for mutual success.

Conenza and IntraWorlds started out as two companies on two continents with two cultures. When we merged in 2020, we became one composite whole that celebrates our unique talents and traits.

We set out to capture and cultivate the opportunity for long-term connections between organizations and people because we believe that lifelong relationships are the foundation for mutual success.

We develop “people platforms” that don’t just maintain these relationships, they awaken and inspire them.

We advocate for a different way of doing business — a people-first way of doing business — because mutual success is how we all prosper.

Our purpose is to build connection and trust between organizations and people throughout their career journey...their PeoplePath.


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We treat colleagues, clients, partners, and everyone who engages with us with respect. We act with compassion and empathy, actively listening to opinions, concerns, and suggestions. We offer help when needed.

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Everything we do, we do with integrity. We aim to bring our authentic selves to work; to be open, honest, and transparent with colleagues and clients. We treat others the way we want to be treated, and are proud of the work we deliver together.

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We look for creative solutions in all aspects of our business. We work collaboratively across teams and with our clients and partners. We uncover unique insights and produce results for our clients’ most pressing issues.

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We are team oriented and enjoy each other’s company. We support one another and embrace our collective journey with curiosity and enthusiasm, celebrating mutual success.


Three Countries — One Team.


PeoplePath's diverse team of talented professionals is located in Germany, the United States, and the Czech Republic.

We are an entrepreneurial company with a culture built on trust, collaboration and accountability. Our focus is on tapping our team’s creativity, intellect and experience to build innovative solutions that delight our customers and community members.

As we pursue this vision, we also enjoy having fun while building a world-class sustainable company.

Leadership Team

Headshot Benjamin Elixmann

Benjamin Elixmann

Founder & Co-CEO

Headshot Stephan Herrlich

Stephan Herrlich

Founder & Co-CEO

Headshot Michael Ensminger

Michael Ensminger

Senior Vice President Engineering North America

Headshot Friedemann Holland

Friedemann Holland

Vice President Global Marketing and Head of Sustainability

Headshot Vojtech Kolomicenko

Vojtech Kolomicenko

Head of Software Development and Software Configuration Europe

Headshot Erin Kramer

Erin Kramer

Vice President Customer Success North America

Headshot Maik Lehmann

Maik Lehmann

Vice President Customer Success Europe

Headshot Jenn Pedde

Jenn Pedde

Vice President Customer Advocacy



Hubs: Munich | Pilsen | Seattle
Satellites: London | New York

development team

Our Development Team

PeoplePath works with a dedicated in-house team of developers to ensure the highest level of product quality and security standards.

The core of our team of about 35 developers is based in Pilsen in the Czech Republic. The team consists of highly experienced back-end and front-end developers, analysts, software architects, testers and system configuration managers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At PeoplePath, we will always respect the law and conduct our business with integrity. We are committed to protecting human rights and being an equal opportunity employer. We strongly support diversity and inclusion.

In every office, we always have been and always will seek ways to support our local communities.

Our commitment is evidenced by volunteer efforts and donations to non-profit organizations.

Our first sustainability milestone on the path to net zero was to become a carbon-conscious supplier. Since 2019, we have ensured transparency through carbon accounting (Scopes 1 to 3). We are committed to continually reducing and compensating for the remainder.


Tony Audino founded one of the first formal corporate alumni programs, the Microsoft Alumni Network (MS Alumni Network)
Based on the learnings from the MS Alumni Network a small team around Tony Audino founded Conenza
First clients signed include the MS Alumni Network, Accenture and Goldman Sachs
Shifted from offshore contracted development model to internal development team
Launched the first annual corporate alumni benchmarking survey
Met Stephan Herrlich for the first time and discussed possible combination; time wasn’t right
Formed partnership with Cornell University to do joint alumni program research
Reconnected with Stephan and decided we were stronger together
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