PeoplePath ProfileSync

Learn how our big data partnership can take your corporate alumni program to new heights.

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PeoplePath partners with leading big data vendors to give you new ways of staying connected with your former employees, leveraging the power of billions of data points.

Supercharge Your Alumni Data

Tap into big data to enrich alumni profiles with professional and personal information updates, empowering greater strategic engagement through your alumni program.

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Billions of Data Points

Global leading big data source of professional and social profiles, developed from compliantly-sourced datasets.

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Business Goals
  • Increase revenue through business development with trusted former colleagues that know your business
  • Fill critical roles with experienced alumni who will get up to speed faster


API Integration & Workflows
  • Use artificial intelligence to find what information your alumni share publicly
  • Get updates about alumni changing positions

PeoplePath ProfileSync Process Flow

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PeoplePath ProfileSync process - 3. Receive information for matched profiles
PeoplePath ProfileSync process - 4. Review information for matched profiles
PeoplePath ProfileSync process - 5. Update regularly on profile changes
Good to know: Expect to find about 75% of your alumni through our Big Data integration.
Source: PeoplePath client case studies in 2023/24

Key Benefits

Precise Data Evaluation

PeoplePath ProfileSync's confidence level score ensures accurately matched data, along with easy data comparison before making changes.

Proactive Engagement

Get instant notifications on data changes, allowing proactive and personalized engagement along your alumni's professional journeys.

Streamlined Data Management

PeoplePath's business automation and workflows simplify data management by creating review lists and tailored outreaches for user segments.

Want to learn more?

Let's talk about how we can provide your corporate alumni network with a reliable source of big data to add additional value to your program.

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