How To Successfully Launch A Corporate Alumni Program

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The "How to Launch a Corporate Alumni Program" guide has been a longtime valuable resource for companies considering creating a corporate alumni program. Drawing on over two decades of industry experience, PeoplePath is thrilled to share our meticulously crafted blueprint for success that we've recently updated to include more invaluable insights, expert strategies, and practical tips as this industry continues to grow.

This guide aims to support anyone in the corporate landscape from seasoned human resources professionals, to marketing experts, program managers, and visionary business leaders.

This document will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Four Phases of Jump-Starting your Alumni Program
  • Objectives, Benefits, and Concepts for Launching an Alumni Program
  • Defining Participant Groups, Program Offerings, and Key Responsibility Roles
  • Content and Communication Strategies
  • How to Achieve High Levels of Engagement long after the Launch
  • Harnessing the Power of Digital Platforms

When it comes to launching or revamping a corporate alumni program, the PeoplePath model equips organizations with a systematic and methodical step-by-step approach. Our proven methodology sets a solid foundation, ensuring your journey towards a successful alumni network is structured and effective.

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