How A.T. Kearney’s Job Board Helps Them Engage Alumni

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Watch PeoplePath’s exclusive Webinar “How A.T. Kearney’s Job Board Helps them Engage Alumni” and learn on how an investment in career services for your firm pays back in terms of increased business opportunities with alumni, an enhanced employer brand, and rehiring results. Firms that decide to provide career services to parting employees and alumni invest in the long-term relationship with their talent in a very profound and impactful way. The webinar´s agenda covers the following topics:

The webinar’s agenda covers the following topics:

  • Who is A.T. Kearney?
  • Alumni Strategy
  • Partnership with IntraWorlds
  • Job Boards

Watch recording here:

Client presenters:

Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado

Head of Alumni Services, PeoplePath

Tracey Pavlishin

Tracey Pavlishin

Senior Director, Head of Americas Marketing and Global Internal Communications + Alumni Engagement, Kearney