Alumni Management Software for Retail and Consumer Goods Industries

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Fortune 500 organizations trust PeoplePath to power their alumni networks

Maintain robust talent pools, foster lifelong customers, and engage authentic brand advocates that stand out in a competitive market.

Key Benefits of Alumni Programs

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Rehires and Referrals

  • On-tap talent pools ease challenges of demand fluctuations for part-time, seasonal, or temporary positions.
  • Reduces costs by up to 50% per hire and streamlines onboarding.
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Strong Brand Ambassadors

  • Alumni brand advocates are five times more valuable than regular customers.
  • Firms with alumni programs have a 17% higher Glassdoor rating than the overall average.
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Lifelong Customers

  • Program rewards and discounts encourage continued patronage, fostering loyalty.
  • Stays top of mind for alumni and friends in a competitive market.

Alumni program impact for a global coffee house

10k+ member jumpstart
40k+ alumni members
2m+ potential global audience

Global organizations trust the PeoplePath platform

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PeoplePath Features Elevate Your Alumni Network


Harness the power of workflows to streamline management tasks and automate engagement.


Track program goals, monitor community health, and derive actionable insights to fuel success.


Leverage drill-down search capabilities to segment and better engage with your alumni.


Streamline event management with automated communication and personalized suggestions.


Personalize suggestions with smart-matching technology and promote critical roles through targeted campaigns and newsletters.


Design stunning pages with ease to showcase exclusive perks and discounts for a lasting customer relationship.


Enhance the user experience with a fully-branded app and push notifications.


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Alumni Leader Spotlight

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AleQ Bateman, Alumni Community Manager

Discover how AleQ helps to shape the vibrant alumni program into the success it is today.
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Alumni Program Stats


PeoplePath client Bechtel reported that 25% of all hires were rehires


in recruitment cost savings for a PeoplePath client


of alumni would return to their former employer

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