Redesigning Belonging: How Uncertainty Magnifies Belonging at Work

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In this webinar we interview Sarah Judd Welch, CEO & Principal of Sharehold as we discuss their research entitled, “Redesigning Belonging: How Uncertainty Magnifies Belonging at Work.” Sharehold imagines a world where everyone in an institution’s orbit belongs, is seen, and is recognized. This report, and the webinar, are for organizational leaders, culture officers, alumni program managers, learning & development, and others within human resources.

Not only does fostering belonging at work address a fundamental human need, workplaces with inclusive cultures are six times more likely to innovate and weather market change. Sharehold’s research also uncovered four types of belonging and work and acknowledges that employees may not fit neatly into these four types. We’ll chat about what happens when an employee doesn’t fit into one of these types and how to build a welcoming exit process into an alumni community to keep a strong lifelong relationship going.

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Jenn Pedde

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Sarah Judd Welch

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